Can You Ignore the Hypocrisy?

Doubrava, as a member of the audit and compliance committee, are you going to demand the documents authorizing Reilly to hire Jon Porter? (TAKE A LOOK AT THE REGENTS/CHANCELLOR’S MARDI GRAS PARTY).

Why did Reilly and Page  fail to follow the “RFP” procedure? Where is the righteous indignation from Doubrava?

Did Reilly and Page tell the other regents that they were paying for a Mardi Gras party in Washington D.C.?

CAN YOU IGNORE THE HYPOCRISY? This explains why there was a tuition hike!!!!!!!  Should the students support these trips and parties for the regents and chancellor???

Picture of the Month


Northern Nevada Political Contributions

Why does the FRIENDS FOR TRACHOK contribute to Pages campaign? Why are northern Nevada businesses ‘contributing to Hayes’ campaign? Remember this an elected position that is unpaid!!! Obviously with lots of PERKS! Ask James Leavitt, former regent – they changed the rules so regents past and present will receive special benefits (the altruistic belief to serve the public?) forever.

COO – Reilly’s Idea

How will the COO be selected? Will it be secret? Remember Hayes said the open meeting law interferes with their work as regent. He needs to read the law. Will it be someone from the Reilly Consulting Group? Will it be an independent, vigorous search for the best person? Will Page spearhead the search again?

It true that Reilly still has a home in Arizona?

It true that Reilly still has a home in Arizona? Is it true that he spends four days here then runs to his home and hubby there? Page’s outstanding selection after everyone dropped out at the eleventh hour.  Page paid Reilly $100,000.00 more than the other QUALIFIED candidates’, plus $8,000.00 vehicle expense (what does he drive?) and a $10,000.00 host expense (eat, drink, and be merry fund). Reilly’s contract was for three years, why? Some speculate that in three years he will retire and draw a pension at the $400,000.00 rate not the $200,000.00 (county manager) and head back down to Arizona and pick up teaching again.

Does anyone know the details?

Reilly’s Press

Who is Ralston kidding? Reilly (county manager), Ralston’s good friend form the county days. Remember G-sting, failed Child Protective Services, and other debacles. Great friends since the ‘90’s, the Independent, Ralston’s paper has been on the attack of Jessup and others publishing private and confidential information. Information in the possession of the Chancellor’s office (Thom Reilly). Let’s think hard who gave John Ralston the confidential information? Could it have been Reilly? If not why is there not an investigation? Today people are being investigated for leaks, people are being fired for leaks, and people are being prosecuted for leaking!!! Despite the law, the rules, and ethics, banker/chairman Page issued a statement that Thom told him he did not leak anything and if said so that ends it. WOW, great work Page, but what do you expect? Remember his brother Paul?

Trevor Hayes – Super Lawyer

Why is super lawyer Hayes receiving campaign contributions from so many Northern Nevada residents? Why is the super lawyer making comments in the press regarding open matters? First year law students know you do not say anything!!!!

Look at super lawyer’s work history.  He does not hold a position more than a few months and moves on, excluding five years at Lionel and Sawyer, a now failed and bankrupt firm.  Super lawyer Hayes did not move to another law firm; instead, Hayes now works for a health insurance company, but NOT as a lawyer!  Should the super lawyer vote on anything related to the health aspects of the schools?  Whoever knows the answer to these questions or any idea how to find the answers, please let us know.

Who made the decision to force the departure of UNLV president Len Jessup?

Chancellor Thom Reilly does not have the authority on his own to force a university president to quit or be fired. Only the Board of Regents can make that call.

But the Board has not held any public meeting to discuss Jessup’s job performance. This raises the possibility that some members of the board conferred in private about getting rid of Jessup. Have the regents ever heard of the Open Meeting law? Taking a secret poll of board members to avoid a public discussion is a blatant violation of the spirit and letter of Nevada’s Open meeting law.

Dr. Jessup has been humiliated by the chancellor and the Board of Regents. What do these officials have to say about this disgraceful and secretive maneuver? Nothing.

The regents love the sounds of their own voices. If you have ever attended a board meeting, you’ve heard them jostling for the microphone. Thus far, the regents and the chancellor have no comment about the forced ouster of a widely respected university president.

There is another question to consider. After Jessup is forced to leave, who will take his job? Do they already have someone in mind? If not, the board may have trouble filling the position. What self-respecting education professional in the country would want to sign a contract that might be shredded at any moment, without notice because of the whims of a feckless board of backstabbing regents?

Did Kevin Page help cover up his brother’s acts?

Remember his brother, Paul Page Did Kevin Page help cover up his brother’s acts?  Why wasn’t Paul Page prosecuted?  Who used their political influence?  The district attorney office’s policy is to prosecute, even if the monies are repaid, or anyone can buy their way out of a prosecution.  Why does Page have another Fireman and Police foundation, in fact, Paul Page embezzled from the Friends  of Metro organization.

How did the University system end up hiring a chancellor who has no previous experience in higher education management?

In December 2016, the Board of Regents hired a private firm, AGB, to conduct a national search for candidates to become the next chancellor of the Nevada system of higher education. AGB collected 33 applications from around the country, and then culled that group down to the top nine applications. What happened after that seems a bit odd. After the list was pared down to the top five candidates, all five of the would-be chancellors suddenly dropped out of contention. Executives at AGB described this as “highly unusual.”

What did the job candidates know that the public has yet to learn? Did they figure out that the search was rigged? News reports indicate the candidates withdrew before they ever met with regents or other Nevada officials.

A banker named Kevin Page, who was chairman of the regent’s search committee, vowed to move forward by looking for “internal candidates.”

A few weeks later, the search generated another unsavory headline, along with harsh criticism from within. One of Kevin Page’s fellow regents leveled allegations of cronyism and illegal behavior.

Here is how it was reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Regent Allison Stephens accused Board Chairman Rick Trachok of “inappropriate and possibly illegal behavior” regarding the failed national search for a new chancellor to lead the Nevada System of Higher Education, a letter obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal shows.

Stephens said in the letter dated May 8 that Trachok “defied the will of the board and its committees, violated the open meeting law, deviated from standard board process and called into question the ethical standards the board represents.”

Basically, it appeared that board chairman Rick Trachock was maneuvering to make sure the interim chancellor John White would be hired as chancellor, instead of conducting a national search. One regent alleged that members of the board had likely violated the Open Meeting Law by discussing how to give White the permanent job. After the Review-Journal story broke, White withdrew his name from consideration.

As the search continued, regent Page started hearing from influential Nevadans about a particular candidate who had strong connections. As Page told the Review-Journal, there was one name in particular that “ kept coming up in my conversations with people.”

People? Which people? Fellow bankers? Political fixers? The guy who performs lube jobs on the Page family’s station wagon? Who was whispering in Kevin Page’s ear? We may never know the answer to those questions, but the name of the internal candidate was finally revealed. Former Clark County manager Thom Reilly is a highly-regarded, politically astute public official. He has never managed a college or university before, never managed so much as a junior high school, let alone an entire statewide university system. Reilly had an ace in the hole though. He had extensive political connections, in particular, friendships with influential political consultants, the same people who had been nuzzling up to Kevin Page. Reilly landed the job, along with a hefty salary that was $100,000 more than his far more experienced predecessor had earned.

In Las Vegas, it is always who you know, rather than what you know.

Can anyone out there shed some light on this process? Does anyone know why Page led the charge to hire Reilly?

These days, Page is the iron-fisted chairman of the Board of Regents. He barks at university officials who appear before the board as if they are his employees, or maybe vassals.

Case in point, at the most recent board meeting, Page interrupted a highly respected physician who happens to be part of the administration for the new UNLV School of Medicine and ordered the esteemed academic to “stop talking like a doctor and start talking like a CEO.”

University Leaks Info is all ears. Please forward any insider information or insight about Chairman Page.

Here are the Review-Journal stories which provide background on how this situation unfolded.