A Deafening Silence

The worst display of the March 2018 Board of Regent meeting in Las Vegas was not feckless Regent Hayes relentlessly abusing President Jessup with misinformation nor arrogant Regent Page berating Dean Atkinson and David Frommer with made up facts, or even confusing Regent Doubrava classlessly talking about cadaver labs when that isn’t his job or his expertise. It was the rest of those mute Regents who sat in silence with their fearful uncaring leader Chancellor Thom Reilly, watching it all take place. Watching the unprofessional witless needless behavior unfold while they sat alongside and observed in condoning silence. You all own this. Since you will not govern yourselves in professional content or conduct, and continue to conspire behind closed doors, the greater community and the state legislature will ensure your important body is governed appropriately in the 2019 legislative session. Hopefully, we will stop losing great Presidents and your individual service will soon no longer be required.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke

NSHE Regents in Peru

I was a member of Governor Sandoval’s important trade mission last year, and in a group where NSHE Regent Kevin Page was openly ‘bragging’ that he hired Thom Reilly to be Chancellor with a shortened 3-year contract because Reilly’s only interest was becoming fully vested in the state’s PERS system at his negotiated $400,000 salary level.

Nevada, we must do better than this in choosing Regents and Chancellors for our state’s higher education needs.

Regent Rip Off

I was a volunteer for the UNLV Athletic department events a few years ago and I could not believe how often the regents would call for free stuff. Tickets, bags, shirts…anything they could get their hands on. These people abuse their position and staff have to bow at their feet. We all did. Leavitt, Page, Hayes were just a few who came through. #STOPCORRUPTNSHE

Chet Burton

Why did Chet Burton give up his presidency after only two years as the appointed president at WNC to be a bean counter with NSHE?

Were there no qualified CFO’s in the country you could have hired Mr. Chancellor or are you following suit to keep destroying Presidents in NSHE?!?!?


Regent Congressional Campaign Contributions

Chancellor Riley, while you the regents are firing our awesome President, you should be aware that you also have a regent under your nose asking UNLV senior staff for campaign contributions for her congressional campaign. Awkward and unethical. Students notice stuff like that.

Chancellor Reilly Anger Management

Chancellor Reilly, we have witnessed you screaming at our President on multiple phone calls and watched you throwing things at him in meetings. Do you find this acceptable behavior to be shared during the interview process for the next unsuspecting UNLV leader that will report to you? Is President Jessup doing an exit interview?

Engelstad family’s dislike of regent system is reason money was rescinded from UNLV medical school

It’s been a rough month for UNLV President Dr. Len Jessup. Reports surfaced two weeks ago that Jessup was told in January to quit or be fired.

Jessup says that report was misleading, but he also admitted that he plans to look for a new job. But, Jessup’s potential departure has already cost UNLV millions of dollars that would have gone to build a new medical school.

It’s a story that the I-Team has been following closely. Turmoil and skullduggery are not strangers in Nevada’s higher education system.

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Why do the regents lie and say they put students, like me, first? It is clear they are only interested in advancing their political careers.

Students unite!!!

Regents Shunning Success?

I am a currently a student at UNLV. I was at Shadow Lane last week when I saw Regent Doubrava presenting to a group at a UNLV medical school meeting. I heard him say there, “There are other regents who don’t want the UNLV medical school to be successful.” Why would anyone in the community want our medical school to fail? And who are those regents?