NSC administration pushing increase in GPA admission standards

NSC administration raised the idea of raising current open-access admissions standards (min HS GPA 2.0) to HS GPA 2.5 at faculty/staff concvocation in Fall 2017.

Academic faculty raised several concerns about moving away from institutional mission of offering access and opportunity to all students, as well as certain racial/ethnic groups being disproportionately affected by change in standards. IR data confirms black students will be most adversely affected.

Convocation attendees (faculty and staff) agreed that more info and more formalized proposals would be necessary to support GPA increase in good faith (e.g, what alternative admissions would look like; admission contingent on probation with requirement to utilize services).

Fast forward a year and a half and no updates from administration until the campus receives and email yesterday (11/26/18) that the College is holding its first community meeting the following afternoon (11/27/2018) to get feedback and plans additional meetings at off-campus locations. It is unclear how these meetings were advertised to community members—not very well as evidenced by a room full of mostly upper administration and handful of community members.

Photo from meeting:

Currently marketing the change as “enrollment management” but earlier conversations were about “increasing student success” by not admitting students who were a “drain” on student support services.

In any event, administration hopes fast-track to put on January BOR agenda… and, in typical fashion, want to quickly push this past Faculty Senate with little input or real opportunity for faculty to provide feedback on proposal.

Another poor faith effort at shared governance on behalf of the NSC administration. Still curious how we get invites to other community feedback sessions?


text from campus email:

Dear Nevada State College Community:

Consistent with ongoing dialogue that began with campus-wide conversations about admissions standards last fall, we have been studying various options in revising admissions standards so as to increase the focus and success of our students. The continuing explosive growth rates of the College’s student population, coupled with lack of space for the offices and classrooms to accommodate this level of growth, has necessitated that we move those discussions expeditiously into a concrete proposal that will ultimately be presented to the Board of Regents this spring for implementation as early as the Fall of 2020.

Prefatory to finalizing any approval, we have initiated community forums so we can gather additional information from the community on increasing admissions standards from external education, business and community leaders. The first community forum will be held on campus tomorrow afternoon. Subsequent forums will be held at the Latin Chamber of Commerce and the Switch Innevation Center in December.

Upon conclusion of the forums, the College leadership will craft a proposal that will be submitted to the Faculty Senate and the broader campus community for input prior to submitting a proposal for Board of Regents approval.

Very best,

Be Bold. Be Great. Be State!

Bart Patterson
President, Nevada State College


We are Frustrated too, Governor Sandoval

“I do feel like some of the boards and commissions feel like they’re autonomous, and they don’t answer to anyone, and once I’ve made an appointment, that’s it. Speaking for myself, it’s really frustrating when my office and I have to bang heads with the boards and commissions, particularly when it’s the governor who makes those appointments.”
—-Gov. Brian Sandoval, in a rare moment of public frustration


“Some things you must always be unable to bear. Some things you must never stop refusing to bear. Injustice and outrage and dishonor and shame. No matter how young you are or how old you have got. Not for kudos and not for cash: your picture in the paper nor money in the bank either. Just refuse to bear them.”
― William Faulkner

Inside Leaker UNLV Med School

Is Maureen Schafer responsible for leaking the confidential damaging audit of the UNR Med School?

Is Maureen Schafer responsible for awarding a $100,000 contract to a former lover that produced nothing of value for the med school?

Was Maureen Schafer removed from the UNLV Med School due to dozens of complaints from her colleagues due to her tyrannical ways and for creating a hostile work environment/?

Is Maureen Schafer being investigated by UNLV and other outside agencies?

Micro Manager Chancellor

Chancellor Reilly

You were known as a non listening micro manager at Clark County. How did you get this job again???????! We know. Kevin Page and your plugged in friends.

Well, finally here is an issue crying for micromanagement: UNR Medicare and Medicaid fraud!

UNR leadership doesn’t seem to listen to too many people either, so you will make a good team on this.

A Second Statement from NSHE Staff

With respect to the recent events surrounding the UNR School of Medicine’s longtime billing and disclosure challenges with their faculty practice plan, not only are we working in the dark with our current Chancellor, but our lawyers operate in secret too. And they make up the rules as they go along, or to get along with the precarious and self interested moods of the Regents and the Chancellor.

Laws don’t matter.

Someone needs to ask the lawyers where they were in The twonyearctransition planning. Misty, Matt and Nic. And ask them in the framework of the “laws,” not what the Chancellor or the Regents expect.

The rest of us continue to be trapped here. SOS.

Dapper Don Snyder Fires a President to get his Old Job Back!

UNLV Faculty has an observation that we need to get off our academic chest:

So, Longtime Las Vegas businessman Don Snyder takes on the role of Acting President prior to Len Jessup taking the job 3+ years ago. Following President Jessup’s move into the role, Snyder manufactures a “PAID ADVISORY” role working with President Jessup for $50,000+ a year including an office and other benefits.

Then, Dapper Don is also methodically responsible for a behind the scenes negotiation of Jessup’s firing with Chancellor Reilly!

Wait! It gets better — NOW, he is working with Chancellor Reilly to become the ACTING PRESIDENT AGAIN! Dapper Don is here to save the day for the shocking vacancy in the President’s office!

1. Just how valuable was the advice provided to now fired President Len Jessup?

2. Is this all a conflict of interest for Dapper Don?

3. Come on Las Vegas? Is there really no one else out there who can be acting President of a Division I University other than a retired business guy with a bachelor’s degree? When are we going to start taking our academic management selves seriously? WHEN? (we know– see the hiring of Chancellor Reilly and the answer is NO)

Dapper Don, stop now while you are seriously and ethically behind. Since you were Acting President the first go around, the law of diminishing returns has really kicked in and it is time to call it a day for everyone’s benefit, including your ego.