Give Chaos a Raise, Fire Competence, Never Progress: The Nevada Higher Education Way

Oh goodie. The all-knowing, all-powerful chancellor of NSHE and still on leave from Arizona State University professor Thom Reilly rambled on and on and on with a Las Vegas Sun reporter.

What fascinating insights can we glean from his latest pronouncements?

Let’s start with the reporter’s first observation – the very definition of an understatement

“Thom Reilly’s freshman year as chancellor of Nevada’s higher education system was anything but peaceful and quiet.”

Of course he asked not to discuss the departure of former UNLV president Len Jessup – if you had accomplished that massive undertaking against the wishes of all of UNLV and Southern Nevada why would you want to discuss that – better those conversations take place with Rick “Little Dickie” Trachok and Kevin “I’m a 42 stout in an orange jump suit” Page.

Reilly’s obviously in no hurry to find a permanent replacement for Jessup, not when he was able to convince Marta Meana to serve as his eyes and ears on campus. With Meana in place, Reilly no longer needs to demand UNLV hire a chief operating officer to serve as his more – he has Meana.

His latest fiasco a $50+ million dollar medical library project – why build a medical school first, you might ask (but don’t, you won’t get an answer) – to create a 50,000 square foot albatross? A public building at more than $1,000 a square foot, and for what?

Did you hear that Southern Nevada legislators – over $1,000 a square foot!

In years to come they will teaching higher education leadership classes using this as a case study in incompetence and wasteful spending…

Reilly has completely thrown UNLV and its Medical School leadership under the bus on this issue. A proposal he required they produce on short notice, but it’s all on UNLV it it fails.

Great leadership there ASU professor.

And when asked about all those donors and their tens of millions of dollars he has driven away from the UNLV Medical School he again placed all the responsibility on UNLV.

Not my problem, says Thom.

Donors – I don’t talk to them says the big kahuna.. I just make sure corrupt regents like Trevor Hayes accuse them of colluding to break the law….what law…oh, never mind.

You don’t know where UNR’s funding for its medical school came from. No surprise there, since you also seem unaware/in denial/couldn’t care less that the UNR Medical School and the Regents are under federal investigation for millions of dollars in Medicare fraud.

When will that topic appear on a Board of Regents agenda?

Denying he told Barbara Atkinson, UNLV founding medical school dean to pack her bags and leave…more disinformation from the master of jibber-jabber.

He still doesn’t know that the funding formula is the product of a forged document that got his predecessor fired.

And he should really get the Legislative Counsel Bureau on speed dial before he talks about how to reform the Board of Regents.

Reilly certainly is creative in thinking about ways to screw up UNLV. Glad he spends those weekends at his Arizona home productively.

“It’s all Good, Legislature” – Positive Pressers always make the NSHE Financial Mess invisible

The Board of Regents of the University of Nevada, also known as the clown posse dedicated to crushing UNLV is currently led by Ringmaster Thom Reilly. You may remember him as the guy who drove former UNLV President Len Jessup out of town because Jessup was raising too much money for the new UNLV Medical School.

Having driven all major donors to the UNLV Medical School away, Reilly – in an all too pathetic and ill-conceived effort to save face, is now forcing UNLV to proceed on building a $50 million medical library in lieu of a substantive plan for the entire UNLV Medical School complex. This transparent effort to show some “activity” by the always disingenuous Board of Regents fails to address the gaping chasm Reilly created between UNLV’s generous donors and the medical school. The legislature and the net governor will have to step in and stop this trainwreck.

Reilly is also a guy who things the University of Nevada, Reno is above and beyond the least bit of scrutiny from his 13 elves on the Board of Regents.

UNR, despite evidence of millions of dollars of Medicare fraud by the UNR Medical School (when it “operated” here in Southern Nevada), does not to have to answer these charges in public. UNR, whose athletic program continues to bleed money is allowed consistent cost overruns on facilities projects.

UNR recently reported a $214,000 operating budget deficit for fiscal year 2018, however the overall deficit was $900,000 when including three “one-time accounting inconsistencies.” 

“Accounting inconsistencies” at UNR – nothing for the Board of Regents to concern themselves with at all.

These “accounting inconsistencies” included that fact that UNR “added $175,000 more than expected to its debt obligation that dates to the 2016 renovation of Mackay Stadium. Finally, the Wolf Pack and the university had different interpretations on the annual debt payment as part of a five-year plan to pay off the new scoreboards at Mackay Stadium and Lawlor Events Center, which led to a $300,000 difference.

The UNR athletic department and the UNR administration had “different interpretations” as to debt payments.

Oops. Well do not let that happen again, okay?

I have a question

Why is Regent Hayes following a Nevada Brothel “sex worker” on Twitter?


NSHE Pack of Legal Dogs is Back on the Prowl

Welcome back from Summer fun!  Just in time to start class.

While we got away for summer beach fun, the Chancellor and the Regents have used their Summer hours to unleash the NSHE owned lawyers in the system, who only work for NSHE. Campuses don’t have their own independent attorneys.

NSHE legal dogs have been busy:

*disclosing and leaking incorrect UNLV personnel information,

*investigating  UNLV employees with no basis

*preparing to remove more high ranking UNLV personnel.

*And that is just UNLV. Every institution is treated this way.

Bar your classroom doors and hide your office supplies.

The Chancellor’s NSHE legal dogs are on the prowl. What you gonna do when they come for you? Reno, Rurals, Las Vegas –YOU Have NO rights because you have NO Lawyers!




A Note from NSHE Staff: We Want Out

Four years ago, Len Jessup, Barbara Atkinson, and Maureen Schafer arrived at UNLV from the outside all within 6 months of each other to strengthen UNLV and build a new medical school.

Very quickly, they became the targets of NSHE Regents over the new UNLV Medical School, which quickly uncovered the longtime weaknesses of the UNR medical school.


That was our constant staff orders on the inside.

Talent, Enthusiasm and Hope NOT ALLOWED in Nevada Higher Education.

Malign them. Denigrate them. Threaten them.  Make them leave!!!

Keep the NSHE culture one of low-level performance and punitive.

We’ve been witness to it, and we are tired of it Mr. Chancellor, er Boss. And all of you ruinous elected officials. It needs to stop.

Until we can get other jobs like some have already done, We won’t do your administrative bidding anymore. We won’t plant and pitch the RJ with false stories. We won’t “look” the other way of unethical behavior. We won’t arrange inside meetings with subsets of the SAME regents who plot. We won’t watch you lie to community members and especially the donors.

We have seen the enemy and it is NSHE. It is US.

This is our community too. 



Typo in story

Post from July 8th “shade” reads the following:

It must be humiliating to know that Southern Nevadans still prefer to hear what Jessup has to say, rather than listen to you all deny Medicare fraud charges at UNLV, deny evasions of the opening meeting law designed to diminish UNLV’s Medical School, and deny unethical and perhaps illegal land dealings to line your own pockets.


i believe it should refer to Medicare fraud at UNR….not UNLV

Regent Hayes: United Health Care’s Man in the Mirror

Trevor Hayes, revealed to have purchased land in and around the UNLV Medical School without disclosing his connections to UNLV, leads Board of Regents’ Business, Finance and Facilities Committee.

Well done NSHE.

Just to add a little additional context to his duplicity…Hayes predicted that the recent UNLV agreement to play football in the new Raiders Stadium “…is more likely to sink our athletic program rather than catapult us (to a Power 5 conference) and then voted in favor of the very agreement.

This waffle cone of a regent also spoke out against giving disgraced former chancellor Dan Klaich a contract buyout at more than $300,000, before voting for to give Klaich that very payment.

When Hayes stands in front of a mirror, just how many reflections does he see?

Chancellor tries to dismiss lawsuit against him.

“Chancellor Seeks to Dismiss Lawsuit Against Himself, TMCC

Dr. Thom Reilly, Nevada System of Higher Education chancellor. Image: NSHE.

Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor Thom Reilly cited technicalities last week in an effort to convince a judge to dismiss a lawsuit that alleges he violated a collective bargaining agreement.

A suit filed in February in Second Judicial Court by Truckee Meadows Community College humanities professor Thomas Cardoza against Reilly and TMCC sought to overturn a decision by Reilly to deny a grievance. It stated that Reilly exceeded his powers by disregarding language in the college’s union contract.

Cardoza had been a department chair at TMCC, which netted him an additional 20 percent compensation with a $5,000 stipend, equating to about $20,000 annually. His chairmanship was removed by TMCC President Karin Hilgersom in August 2017 after a letter of reprimand a month prior.

The reason for the reprimand wasn’t mentioned in the suit, although Reilly ordered it removed from Cardoza’s file. Cardoza remains a faculty member.

Dr. Karin Hilgersom, TMCC President.
Dr. Karin Hilgersom, TMCC President.

After becoming Humanities Department chairman in July 2014, Cardoza was re-elected to the post in July 2017. Chairs are elected by the department and approved by the dean.

Cardoza is seeking reinstatement to his chairmanship position with back-pay and benefits retroactive to Aug. 25, 2017, along with attorney fees.

In response, TMCC general counsel John Albrecht cited procedural issues with the lawsuit and named the following reasons for wanting it dismissed:

  • Cardoza’s attorney, Michael Langton, cited TMCC as a defendant. Albrecht said the college’s “correct legal name” is Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education, so TMCC shouldn’t be a defendant.
  • Cardoza sued under the Uniform Arbitration Act of 2000 as cited in Nevada Revised Statutes, but Albrecht said there was no claim made under the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure (NRCP).
  • The Nevada Faculty Alliance contract allows for grievances but not for arbitration, so suing under the Uniform Arbitration Act was improper. Per the contract, Cardoza filed a grievance, and Reilly issued a decision.
  • A challenge to Reilly should’ve been reviewed by a writ of certiorari. If filing a writ, it should’ve been done within 30 days of Reilly’s decision.
Suit Alleges NSHE Chancellor Ignored TMCC Collective Bargaining Agreement

“I am deeply disappointed that Chancellor Reilly continues to try to dismiss my case on technicalities instead of dealing with the serious underlying issues at TMCC,” Cardoza said in a statement.

In Albrecht’s response to the lawsuit, he also asked more information be provided on how Reilly exceeded his powers.

“NRCP 12(e) says that if a pleading is so vague or ambitious that a party cannot frame a response pleading, the court may order the party authoring the pleading to provide the desired details.” Albrecht wrote. “With nothing alleged, the respondents cannot be expected to frame a response.”

The suit cites a letter from Reilly to Cardoza, and reads in part: “I strongly believe that deans and presidents should have discretion in the appointment and removal of department chairs and I believe your removal was generally consistent with the authority vested to the president…”

Strong beliefs and discretion aren’t stated in the collective bargaining agreement as reasons to remove a department chair, the suit said. Grounds for removal would be failing to perform duties or being disciplined for reasons set forth in the NSHE Code or TMCC bylaws, the suit says, citing bargaining agreement language.”

Throwing Some Shade on NSHE

As the heat of summer continues to bake Southern Nevada, UNLV friends and supporters can enjoy this breath of fresh air from Len Jessup. Yup, the former UNLV president driven out of town by the Super Chancellor and his regent/cronies demonstrates the class, integrity, and sincerity that drew so many of our community to support him – and UNLV.

Oh you pitiful regents, I hope you have some sunscreen to ease the burn caused by Jessup’s always thoughtful words.

It must be humiliating to know that Southern Nevadans still prefer to hear what Jessup has to say, rather than listen to you all deny Medicare fraud charges at UNLV, deny evasions of the opening meeting law designed to diminish UNLV’s Medical School, and deny unethical and perhaps illegal land dealings to line your own pockets.

Stay in the shade regents, you love operating in the dark, behind closed doors.